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Nothing is better than it?

Grue barfs up a platter of Twitters just for you
Grab your barf bags!

  • 14:32 I just got Voice Candy for Mac for free from tap tap tap. They're celebrating releasing Voices on the iPhone #

Grue Barfs expelled from LoudTwitter

Grue barfs up a platter of Twitters just for you
Grab your barf bags!

  • 10:11 @pramsey75 Is this the same Pam that used to work for the Beckley Newspaper? If so, then hey it's me Tessa! #

Grue Barfs expelled from LoudTwitter

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Fuck it, just join my feed:

Change of plans:

In one week this Blog gets deleted.

It's just better this way.

So yeah, y'all got one week to bookmark me at this spot:

Okay folks this is it:


what!? really?!? WHY?!?!

I've had this blog for a long time. I've posted things and pondered things...I've changed and grown and basically...out-grew this blog.

I'm in a new state and state-of-mind. Things have changed: I've changed.

I've gone legit, folks. I've moved here:

It's my all printing, all singing, all art and subculture blog. No personal drama or teenage BS: this is the real deal.

Now, I'll still roll around LJ to keep an eye on y'all here but from now on I post at the Folly. No longer am I an EmptyOnion.

I know you can subscribe to BlogSpot feed and there's also some way I can have my feeds posted automatically to this blog a'la Twitter, so if anyone knows how to do that, point me in the right direction. But aside from that: It's been a fucked-up ride. I met a lot of awesome bastards here and it to it.

Later Potaters...


Create Your Own Sea Kitten at!

Yes I am a douche.

I smell graduate printmaking bonanza...

Liver Smote
I have been so goddamn busy lately, it isn't even funny...

But hey, I drank with a professor last night and for once, I woke up without a hang-over.

Nobody told me grad school would entail THIS amount of drinking.

Not that I'm bitching...

Screw Philadelphia, DeKalb is where it's at bitches....

Why am I still up? Drawing? And watching my DVD of "The Young Ones"?

Books I have read since moving here:

"Parasite Eve" -Hideaki Sena
"Lullaby" -Chuck Palahniuk
"Paradise" Koji Suzuki (Almost finished it today)
"Return to Labyrinth" -manga sequel to "The Labyrinth"
Vol. 1 and 2 of Yuyu Hakusho series

Books I have acquired since moving here:

BWAHAHAHAHA! Artist yard-sales always have the best books! I have ASS-LOADS!

Epic Kat
So I'm settling into DeKalb life. Hanging with a former grad, Jane, most of my days. Also hung with Tom an one of the other incoming grads, Jessica.

Jane's really fucking awesome. It's a shame she'll be moving to Iowa at the end of the month, but she'll still be around and Iowa is the right distance for a weekend bike trip so...

Everyone is fascinated by the fact that I'm from WV. I have to answer their questions and defend the state's image. It's cool though. They've all been helping be prepare for grad life as an art major. Printmaking grad life. They keep saying I'm going to have a great time and that I'll fit in perfectly.

The facilities are awesome. Not many people silkscreen so I won't have to tangle for space like I did at the CAC. They're also crazy about keeping the shop clean, which is nice. Have to be on the ball with that...the CAC wasn't too big on shopkeeping...which pissed a lot of us off...

And I'm drawing again! What!? I began taking my meds regularly a few days ago and I can keel the upswing. Plus, I've been chugging coffee all day (making a pot as we speak...).

Tomorrow: hanging and drawing with Jane while hanging at her yard sale. Fun times...

Gawd I wish my neighbors would get into a giant fight just so I can have some entertainment...

Lucky Chicken
You know what? I just realized that I have no pre-conceived notions of what I want to print, or any work for that matter...except the 'Happy Kat Kandy Popper' machine..which I need to actually buy one of these:


I found one in Georgia, but I'm pretty sure Chi town has one....somewhere....

Oh, and grad student BBQs are fun. I think I'm going to like it here...


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